RangeVision Smart 3D scanner

Get detailed 3D models of jewellery, statuettes or components of different sizes ranging from several centimetres up to more than a metre. Thanks to RangeVision Smart scanner your road to perfect 3D models will be easier than you think.

  • Accurate 3D scanning

    You will receive detailed models with the accuracy of 0.1 mm thanks to two Full HD cameras with autofocus and the precise technology of structured light phase shift.

    Your models will be extremely precise and detailed.

    High scanning accuracy
    ranging from
    0.1 mm to 0.4 mm
  • 3D models of chess pieces or even furniture

    It’s now possible to scan objects varying in size  from several centimetres up to more than a metre thanks to the RangeVision Smart 3D scanner. It is also possible to scan with markers to be able to scan even very large objects.

    Even the scanning of the largest objects will only take a few minutes

    Automatic scan assembly on a turntable
    Size of scanned objects
  • Formats that you already know

    3D models can be saved into any of the common formats such as .STL, .OBJ, .PLY or .ASCII. The outputs can then be easily opened in all favourite 3D software for example in 3DsMax, Maya, Zbrush and others.

    The models are created in a familiar environment

    The outputs from RangeVision Smart are compatible with all currenty available 3D software

The RangeVision Smart 3D scanner technology

Find out why the RangeVision Smart 3D scanner is the best in its category.


Battery enables you to scan wherever you want

In contrast to its competition, the RangeVision Smart 3D scanner has a high-capacity battery thanks to which you can scan for up to one hour without charging.

Battery life is up to 1 hour

2 Full HD cameras for excellent precision

The RangeVision Smart 3D scanner is the only one in its category which uses 2 Full HD camera with autofocus so the scanning is always completely precise.

2 cameras with autofocus

You will get your 3D scanner assembled and ready to use

We will send you an assembled RangeVision Smart 3D scanner. The only thing you have to do is connect it to your computer and you are ready to scan. It is also portable thanks to a special case.

Start using your scanner right after you receive it

Details about the RangeVision Smart 3D scanner

The RangeVision Smart 3D scanner offers an excellent performance in its price range and outcomes that you will truly enjoy. It provides flexible scanning to satisfy all your needs. Have a look at the technical paramaters and other details.

Scanning zones

Scanning range (mm)500×375×375300×225×225150×112×112
3D resolution (mm)0,40,240,12

Other parameters

Size of scanned objects:

  • 4 cm up to 1 m:

Additional functions:

  • Auto align of scans
  • Filling holes
  • Texture support

Supported formats:

  • .STL
  • .OBJ
  • .PLY
  • .ASCII

Our satisfied customers

Have a look at what our customers say about us.
  • “I work as a renovator and the process of creating detailed blueprints of damaged parts of historic monuments always took a lot of time. That is why I tried to think of a different way to speed up the process a little bit. When I first learned about 3D scanning, I got interested in the subject. Later, I found out about the RangeVision Smart 3D scanner. I remember the first thing that caught my attention was the fact that this scanner has 2 cameras as opposed to those 3D scanners which have only one. And so I bought it. When it arrived, I was impressed that it was packed in a practical case, so I could carry it with me wherever I wanted. I was able to scan within minutes after turning it on and I was very pleasantly surprised by how detailed and precise the outcome was. Nowadays, I use the scanner frequently and even though I was afraid it will be too difficult, I managed to learn how to use it easily thanks to a helpful manual.”

    Jiří Hlinka / Renovator

  • “I sometimes receive a request from a customer to create an exact replica of a piece of antique furniture. Before, I redraw and model it all by hand, which is a challenging and very time-consuming affrair. I risked losing other customers as I did not have time to attend to them. That is why I decided to invest into a 3D scanner and I don’t regret that decision. I now use the RangeVision Smart 3D scanner for every order. I am now able to get a faster and more precise outcome than I would with drawing it by hand. I enjoy the fact the 3D scanner has a battery which enables me safely use it right at the customer’s place.”

    Hynek Stránský / Carpenter and wood carver

  • “I like to use clay models when creating a design of a client’s product so I can work on all the details and I know exactly how the outcome is going to look. The RangeVision Smart 3D scanner helps me to transfer the model into the computer where I can work with it even further and designing became much easier.”

    Erika Walterová / Designer

  • “I often use dental plaster casts when creating patient’s dental implants.Later I scan them into a computer where I can further work with them and make real implants based on these models. I use the RangeVision Smart 3D scanner for such purposes as it is significantly cheaper than dental scanners and yet works with the same accuracy.”

    Richard Bolek / Dental technician

Package contents

All the necessary hardware and software is included. Take your 3D scanner anywhere you want thanks to a practical case.



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